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Message from our president

Water Regulation Boards and Great Pyrenees Dogs; what do they have in common? A hard-working woman named Pam Tobin.   

 Written by Board Member Susan Holbrook

Tobin says, “in 2004 when I decided to run for the Water Board seat it was because my family was grown and I felt a personal calling to give back to my community.  My personal calling is as unique as my fingerprint.” 

She was duly elected and 20 years later she is still serving the San Juan Water District on their Board of Directors, as well as the Regional Water Authority and Sacramento Groundwater Authority. Not content to stop there, she also decided to work with the Association of California Water Agencies or ACWA.  This collective group of water agencies is the largest statewide association of public water agencies in the nation, representing more than 460 public agency members.  It was established in 1910 to serve as a guiding force in California Water Policy.

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put your money where your mouth is...   



Thank you to all supporters of the Sacramento- NWPC's 50th Anniversary celebration with the Honorable Pam Tobin at her Granite Bay home. 

The event was only possible because of Sacramento NWPC's sponsors and ticket buyers. 

More photos and videos of the women candidates and speakers will be made available soon! 

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