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by Gail Hensley, Membership Committee Chair


Recently a member emailed me a simple yet surprising question: "Are you a member of all three NWPC organizations?"

I sent an immediate but much-too-simple reply: "Yes, and so are you."

What I should have added is this – NWPC is ONE organization.  Not THREE.

This email exchange took place more than a week ago, and I've had some time to think about what prompted that member's question.  And why I gave such a Reader's Digest answer.

My conclusion is that I didn't fully appreciate the fact that many of our newer members don't know NWPC's herstory.  Nor how our Sacramento caucus, now more than 100 members strong, came to be.

In 1971, NWPC was founded by such feminist icons as Ms. Magazine Editor Gloria Steinem, the first woman to run for U.S. president Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, Congresswoman Bella Abzug, The Feminine Mystique author Betty Friedan, and civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer, just to name a few.

What began more than fifty years ago as a non-partisan weapon, designed to break down the barriers facing women seeking federal office, NWPC has evolved into a three-tiered campaign fighting in the national, state and local arenas.

But our mission is unwavering – to recruit, train and elect ONLY pro-choice, self-identified women.

NWPC has helped win many battles.  Both Congress and the California Legislature now have more women serving than ever before.  The Sacramento City Council has a female majority.  And the West Sacramento City Council is all women!  But we all know that the parity war is far from over.

So when you next receive your NWPC membership renewal notice, please re-enlist.  As Kathie Sarachile noted back in the Sixties, The sisterhood is powerful!


Did you know that we are now looking at more women who are voting – and voting for women - than ever before? Your donations count now more than ever!

NWPC is a national, pro-choice, multi-partisan, grassroots membership organization dedicated to
identifying, recruiting, training and supporting women candidates for elected and appointed office.

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